About Us

What started as a young woman’s quest to relive the street food nostalgia of her childhood well spent in India, gave fruition to the idea of a modern Indian joint in Munich.

The delicious aroma of a freshly fried Bhatura with spicy Chana, the whiff of a hot masala cutting chai wafting through the air, homestyle curries being prepared in the background and a succulent Kathi kebab being rolled in a delicious egg layered flatbread Paratha.

Madam Chutney was founded shortly after our founder, Prateek Reen, moved from India to Munich. A foodie at heart, an artist who loves to paint and design interiors. Being an absolute stickler for authentic food, she hung up her corporate boots and worked on bringing massively popular Indian food legends such as the Chana Bhatura, Pav Bhaji, Kathi roll and Chaats to Munich.

Madam Chutney derives inspiration from the charmed old world eateries of Delhi where good food and hospitality was a way of life. The vibrant, modern setting will make you feel right at home, relax and experience glorious India through our plate, one bite at a time.